Tom Hilton Auctioneers is one of only companies in the area to use the Multi-Par bidding software. We can offer several advantages because of this technology. The multi-par bidding system is designed to offer subdivided parcels of real estate in a manner that is attractive to the largest number of prospective purchasers. Most methods of offering subdivided property either give an advantage to the buyer who is interested in buying the entire property or to individual tract buyers.

Benefits for the seller

The more opportunities you give the bidders to bid on the property and raise the price, the more revenue the client will realize. Gives the client’s property the maximum dollar amount on the market. Provides detailed reports on all merchandise, sales, no sales, consignor fees, registered bidder lists, and multiple reports that categorize the inventory the consignor put up for auction.

Benefits for the bidder

It allows all bidders the opportunity to bid on the properties they desire without being left out because of grouping. Meaning that the bidder may bid on any property, combination of properties or any other configuration they so desire until the auction is concluded. It allows the bidders to receive the highest possible service that can be achieved during the auction process. It also allows for quick bidder registration by utilizing a driver’s license scanner. It also allows for quick checkout time by accounting for all merchandise sold by providing detailed invoices and professional grade services to the bidder.

Benefits for everyone

Makes the process less stressful for seller, bidder, and company.


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